{Free download} Arc Planner Printable

I just started using an M by Staples Arc Customizable Planner and decided to make myself a  teal ombre Week at a Glance page. You can download the template here.

[+] Update: Here is a link for a download that is 2 of this on one 8.5×11″ page (so the final dimensions of the week at a glance page will be 8.5×5.5″


[++] Ok this is entirely way too addicting haha I made another version that is two sided – First side is the week at a glance and the back side is a weekly meal planner. It looks like the one below but when I printed it I folded it in half down the middle so the meal planner was on one side and week at a glance on the other side. Here is the link for that one.


Also, here is the download for just the  meal planner by itself.


What do you guys think?



[+++] I had some requests for a pink version of the meal planner and for the week to begin with Sunday. You can find those downloads below :) Enjoy!

Download the version below here



Download the version below here


Download the 2 per page version here

DIY | Silhouette Door Sign


I needed a little something to spruce my apartment door up and make it stand out. I was considering going the traditional wreath direction but wanted to do something a little different. I was at Walmart and found a 2-pack of these adorable bright deal frames and knew that it would be perfect for the outside of my door. I also purchased 3M stick on picture frame nail (see below):

I LOVE that 3M sticky nail. It worked amazing and with the extra stabilizing stickies for the bottom of the frame it doesn’t knock against the door at all when we open and close the door.

I originally wanted to do a typographic design with the letter “P” for my husband and I’s last name but wasn’t loving any of the designs. Then I remembered that I had made silhouettes of my husband and I a while ago and never did anything with them.

I ended up making this design with our silhouettes and last name that I absolutely love!

I printed the design on a heavy weight card stock and TA DA - all done!

Here are some more pictures of the finished project:



DIY | Pantone Inspired Dry Erase Weekly Wall Calendar


I am so excited about this project for a couple reasons. 1) It was ridiculously cheap to make and 2) Now my office walls don’t look as empty.


I wanted some wall art that would inspire my graphic design mind when I’m in my office working and I needed something to help me stay organized since I’m working mainly from home now. I was very happy to kill two birds with one stone! (side note: how awful to try to kill two birds by throwing a stone at them).

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New Apartment

I am so happy to finally be in our new apartment and to be able to decorate! We have only been in a week but I’ve already started making it my own and working on some of the decorating projects I’ve been planning for months.

The living room is the first room I’ve “finished”. I’m sure I will tweak it some more but I love how it turned out!


I loved these bright yellow curtains as an accent. They really brighten up the room!

I can’t wait for winter to be able to use the wood burning fireplace!


I finally hung up my mason jar bathroom storage that I love!!

I put a gallery wall in our dining area

Finally found a use for this adorable bright teal bottle

And found a spot for this awesome vintage wash board that I found at a garage sale

I can’t wait to keep decorating! Next project: My office…


Dandelion Detox Tea

I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to give it a try (mostly because of its claims that it rids you of 5 lbs of water weight in 7 days). I have been drinking it for a few days now and I must say I am really enjoying it! I don’t mind the taste at all and feel like I am detoxing. I will let you know after 7 days if it helped me shed any water weight. Fingers crossed!


Here is the recipe:

60 oz. filtered water

1 dandelion root tea bag

1 tbsp. no sugar added “Just Cranberry” brand Cranberry juice (I found mine at Target)

2 tbsp. lemon juice


It is very easy, you just bring the 60 oz. of water to a boil – let the tea bag steep for 15 minutes and then add the cranberry and lemon juice. I then put the whole concoction in a pitcher in the refrigerator and fill up my water bottle throughout the day.


If you guys try the detox tea let me know how it works for you!

{Eclectically Vintage House Tour} Inspiration

This entire house is to die for! I am obsessed with the colors! I would live here in a second. I am definitely going to use this as inspiration when I move into my new apartment in a couple weeks. Get ready for a ton of decorating DIY projects. Since my husband starts Podiatry school soon I will have lots of free time to spruce up the new place.

Exceptionally Eclectic – Happy Lake House Tour – Eclectically Vintage.

Peplum Top Refashion Tutorial

I have been scanning Pinterest for some sewing inspiration lately because my machine has gotten a little dusty. Since I am moving in a couple weeks the piles of stuff all over the place are getting larger and larger and I just haven’t had the motivation to pull out my machine.

I think I just might have to though because I came across this Peplum Top Refashion Tutorial from Merricks Art and it is absolutely adorable!


Warby Parker’s new Ocean Avenue Collection

I was so happy when Warby Parker contacted me to see if I would be interested in writing a post about their newest collection, Ocean Avenue. I was told that I would receive a brief description and photos of the collection to take a peak before the launch. The photos of the frames completely lived up to the name of the collection. They encompass the colors of summer. I am especially in love with the new colors of sunglasses that they are releasing. I have been planning to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for some time now and this collection might just be what pushes me over the edge.


Here are a few of my favorites from the collection:

jasper-sun-newsprint-grey-front jasper-sun-orange-fizz-front

I LOVE these! They are Jasper in Orange Fizz (which is a perfectly fitting color name)

jules-sun-ginger-lemonade-top percey-optical-burnt-lemon-tortoise-angle percey-sun-cream-soda-angle preston-optical-seaglass-blue-angle

Along with the release of the collection of frames comes a video showcasing the amazing looks through the story of a rival gang of glasses wearing hoodlums who break into a dance battle. If only my summers were that interesting…